Is It Time for Heating Repair in St. George, UT? Here Are Some Signs to Watch For

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If your furnace breaks down this winter, you may be out of luck for a few days until a furnace repairman can make it out to your house to remedy the situation. Those days you’re sitting around bundled up in blankets and coats waiting for the repairman will feel like an eternity. You’ll be wishing you would’ve known a few of the signs that it was time for heating repair in St. George, UT before the big break happened. Luckily for you, the information below will bring you up to speed on the symptoms of a heater that’s about to quit working.

You’ve heard strange noises

All furnaces make a little bit of noise when they first kick on. Once they’re running, they’ll continue to make a little bit of noise. That’s perfectly normal, and nothing to worry about. In fact, if you don’t hear a slight humming sound after you turn the heat on, your furnace may already be broken. But furnaces that make abnormal noises are about to quit working. Bangs, rattles, hisses, pops and squeals are all bad signs. If you notice any of these noises, call a repairman at once to avoid a total breakdown.

You think you have thermostat issues

If you think your thermostat might be broken because it’s set at a certain temperature, but your house isn’t staying at that temperature, or your house is heated unevenly, it’s probably a problem with your heater, not with the thermostat. Thermostats are usually very reliable, so a heating problem is more likely to be caused by a faulty furnace than by a faulty thermostat.

Your heating bill is higher than usual

Obviously, your utility bill will go up the more you use your heater, but if you’ve noticed a drastic increase this winter over other years, your furnace might require heating repair in St. George, UT. A furnace that’s about to die will require more energy to keep your house warm, thus increasing your energy bill.

You have poor indoor air quality

Each furnace has air filters that are supposed to prevent particles coming out of the furnace from getting into your air ducts. It’s important to change these air filters fairly often to ensure they’re working as well as possible. However, if you’ve recently changed your filters and are noticing debris coming in through your vents, or the air feels dry and dusty, you probably have a problem with the actual furnace. Call us for immediate repair before your air quality gets even worse than it already is.

You haven’t scheduled a maintenance visit in a while

We recommend calling us to do a routine maintenance check once a year. Our professionals will be able to spot anything out of the ordinary that could cause a breakdown at some point during the winter.

Don’t break out the space heaters and blankets while waiting around for a repairman to come fix your heater this winter. Call Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning for heating repair in St. George, UT right away if you’ve noticed any of these symptoms!

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