Air Conditioning Maintenance to Perform Before the Summer

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It may seem like summer is years away, but in truth, undesirably hot weather will be here before you know it! There are a number of ways that you can proactively beat the heat, however, including maintaining your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Performing a series of simple air conditioning maintenance tasks can ensure that you don’t have to suffer through the summer, and can enjoy the warm, sunshine-filled days! Working with a qualified provider of air conditioning service in St. George, UT is the best way to ensure that your AC unit is ready for summer.

Failure to maintain your home’s HVAC system can cause it to fail when you need it the most, and may necessitate costly repairs and replacements. Working with a professional air conditioning service in St. George, UT can save you a tremendous amount of money and headache in the long run.

Here are just a few common-sense steps that you can take to ensure that your air conditioning system is ready for the summer’s arrival:

  • Change your filters: When your air filter is dirty and clogged, it means that your air conditioning system has to work harder to distribute cooled air throughout your home. This means that your energy consumption will be unnecessarily high, and your system will be under unnecessary stress.
  • Clean the coils: All air conditioning systems rely on a series of condensate coils to chill the air. When dirt and debris builds up on the coil, it reduces its ability to whisk heat away from the condensate. Additionally, it decreases the air quality inside your home. Cleaning the coils on a regular basis can help you avoid these problems.
  • Comb the fins: The fins on your coils are made from delicate aluminum, meaning that they can easily become bent out of shape. When fins are bent over, they block air flow, reducing your system’s efficiency. You should purchase a fin comb that will allow you to readjust them.
  • Clear the condensate drains: Over time, algae or mold may build up inside the thin tubing that drains condensate out of your air conditioning system. Pass a pipe cleaner or stiff metal wire through the tubing to remove any accumulated residue that may be affecting your system’s efficiency.
  • Cover the exterior unit: Your home’s air conditioning unit should be covered for the entirety of the wintertime. Routine exposure to ice and snow can cause rust and other forms of long-term damage to your system. Additionally, leaving your unit uncovered will reduce the effectiveness of your furnace.

Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning has been the premier provider of air conditioning service in St. George, UT since 1998. We are proud to provide some of the most extensive heating and air conditioning maintenance and repair operations available.

You can count on us to ensure that your home’s HVAC system is ready for whatever weather may be thrown at it. We are proud to be the region’s foremost air conditioning and furnace repair experts. If you are looking for assistance with preparing your air conditioning system for the summer, you should reach out to one of our qualified team members today!

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