Five Steps to Get Your AC Unit Ready for Summer

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The countdown to summer has officially begun! The first day of spring has already arrived, and it’s only 12 short weeks until summer. If you’re like us, you’re probably already planning your summer vacation, anticipating trips to the beach and figuring out what to do with the kids once school is out. One thing you probably haven’t thought too much about, however, is your AC system.

AC is not something most of us think about until we turn it on, unless you’re a provider of air conditioning service in St. George, UT, like we are. But now is actually the perfect time to start thinking about your AC. You don’t want to wait until the hot summer months to check your unit only to find that there’s a problem with it. So, while you’re digging out your summer wardrobe and looking up soccer camps, here’s a summer checklist for your AC unit as well.

Check the outdoor unit

Yard debris and foliage can collect on top of and around your outdoor unit during the fall and winter months. Spring is the perfect time to clean the area around your unit and trim back any surrounding foliage. You can also clean the coils of your outdoor unit by spraying them down. Just be sure to check with your manual first for the proper cleaning instructions for your unit.

Change the filter

Changing the filter is the easiest and least expensive maintenance step you can take, but it is also the most effective. Over time, particularly during the winter months, your filter can become saturated with dirt and debris. Changing the filter will not only help your AC unit to run more efficiently, it will also improve the air quality in your home.

Clean your vents and grills

Just like with your outdoor unit, it’s important to make sure that your indoor vents and grills are free of debris. It’s a good idea to vacuum out the vents as well to remove built-up dirt, dust and pet hair.

Do a test run

Even if you’re not ready to run your AC yet, you should turn it on for a test run to make sure it is working properly. If there is an issue with your AC unit, you want to spot it now so you can have it repaired before you need your AC unit to be running on a regular basis.

Schedule a maintenance check

Your AC unit should be checked at least twice a year by a professional air conditioning service in St. George, UT. People tend to run their unit the most during the summer and winter months, which makes spring and fall the perfect time of year to schedule your maintenance checks.
By following these few simple steps, you can make sure that your AC unit is as ready for the summer months as you are. If you do come across any issues with your unit, be sure to call Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning, your leading air conditioning service in St. George, UT.

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