Six Signs That It’s Time for Walk-in Freezer Repair in St. George, UT

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Chefs and restaurateurs know the importance of a properly functioning freezer. Without a good walk-in freezer, food is more likely to spoil quickly, which will lead to sick patrons and the loss of expensive frozen foods. Since they’re used so frequently, freezers tend to require repair on a regular basis. Luckily, there are several signs that let you know it’s time for walk-in freezer repair in St. George, UT.

Continue reading to learn about some of these signs—and about how we can help save the day:

  • Door wear and damage: Needless to say, your freezer door takes a beating day in and day out. Constantly opening and closing the door breaks down the rubber around the frame, which can eventually lead to some significant problems. The good news is that spotting wear and tear is as easy as can be. It doesn’t take an expert repair technician to notice that the rubber frame is looking a little haggard. Call us as soon as you see any damage, and we’ll replace the rubber right away.
  • Water leakage: Any standing water outside of your freezer is an indication that a seal is either broken or is about to break. These puddles are a slipping hazard in your kitchen and can lead to mold and mildew buildup if the problem isn’t corrected right away.
  • Frost buildup: If you leave anything in the freezer for too long, it’s bound to develop a layer of frost, but this process shouldn’t happen overnight. If you notice frost building up rather quickly, it’s a sign that something is amiss with your freezer, and you need to call for help as soon as possible. Waiting too long to call won’t just ruin your food—it could lead to a total breakdown of your freezer.
  • Strange smells: Upon entering your walk-in freezer, are you hit in the face with bad odors? Let’s hope not! Strange smells in your freezer could be from rotten food or mold growth that resulted from a broken freezer. Either way, your freezer needs to be cleaned out and inspected by a professional. We’ll look over every aspect of your unit and correct the problem.
  • Inconsistent temperatures: Does the temperature in your freezer fluctuate from being too cold to being too warm? If so, there’s clearly something wrong! This could be an issue with the thermometer or some aspect of the cooling unit itself. Keep a close eye on your freezer’s thermometer and give us a call if it’s not always at the exact right temperature.
  • Rising energy costs: Walk-in freezers use up a lot of energy, and as these units start to break down, they’ll use up more and more energy each day. Monitor your energy bills and give us a call if they seem to be getting higher each month. We’ll be able to find the source of the problem and help keep your electric bill as low as possible.

Don’t wait one more minute to call for walk-in freezer repair in St. George, UT if you’ve noticed any of the signs above. The longer you wait, the more food will spoil, and the more money you’ll lose. Additionally, the longer you wait to make repairs, the more expensive those problems will be to fix. Get in touch with Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning for the repairs you need!

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