What Type of Heating and Air Conditioning System Should I Get?

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Deciding on the best type of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to use in your home can be challenging. There are number of options to choose from, and identifying the ideal type of heating and air conditioning system to utilize in your home will largely depend on your location, the age of your home, the size of your home and your own personal energy preferences.

There are three primary fuel sources used to power heating and air conditioning systems: electricity, natural gas and oil. While electric and natural gas systems are by far the most common types of HVAC systems available, oil heaters also offer a useful alternative, particularly in very cold climates.

Some systems, most notably heat pumps, are capable of performing both home heating and home cooling roles. Heat pumps remove hot air from a house and pump it underground during the summer, and in the wintertime, they’re capable of pumping warmer air up from underground into the home. Heat pumps are one of the most effective types of air conditioning systems in St. George, UT.

Types of heaters

There are several types of heaters that are commonly used today. Each heater type has its own set of merits. Here are just some of the most popular heating systems used in North America:

  • Forced air furnace: The most common type of heating system in North America, these units are powered by either electricity, gas or oil. Forced air furnaces use fuel to heat air and then pump it through a home’s existing ductwork system. Forced air furnace systems are often paired with air conditioning systems and packaged together into a single unit.
  • Radiant floor heat: A longstanding luxury option in the United States, radiant floor heating is becoming an increasingly popular and accessible option throughout North America. Radiant floor heating systems circulate heated air through tubes beneath flooring, resulting in soothing, consistent heating.
  • Room heaters: There are a number of room-specific heating systems for homes that don’t have built-in ductwork. Vented gas space heaters are one of the most effective and efficient room-specific heating options available. Wood-burning and pellet stoves are also excellent options.

Types of air conditioners

Choosing air conditioning systems in St. George, UT that best meet your needs can be exceptionally difficult. Here are some of the most common air conditioning types and their respective benefits:

  • Central air conditioners: Like central furnace systems, centralized air conditioning units connect to your home’s existing ductwork system and force air through the vents.
  • Heat pumps: Heat pumps suck warm air out of your home and push it into an underground reservoir. In the wintertime, they can be used to draw warmer air from underground into the home.
  • Mini-splits: Designed for homes without existing ductwork, mini-splits are one of the most efficient types of air conditioning options available.

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