4 Good Reasons to Purchase a New System with R-410A Refrigerant

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Most air conditioners and heat pumps worldwide have been using R-22 refrigerant for years. Unfortunately, reports show R-22 emissions contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer. This ozone layer protects people, animals and other living things from harmful UV rays. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, ozone friendly and chlorine-free refrigerant, then you’re in the right place to learn a little about a refrigerant called R-410A. Homeowners and commercial building owners, get ready! Efficient and earth-friendly, R-410A refrigerant is now available with new air conditioner and heat pump purchases!

There are plenty of myths and misconceptions about R-410A refrigerant and any equipment that uses it. Let’s clarify a few things—here are four good reasons to purchase a new system with R-410A refrigerant in St. George, UT:

  • Higher operating pressures: Heating and cooling equipment using R-410A are designed to handle higher operating pressures. To ensure it’s safe to use, many manufacturers have put systems through strenuous tests. Did you know that over a million air conditioners and heat pumps with R-410A are already operating worldwide? There has been over a decade of field testing with the product being on the market, and there’s no evidence suggesting that R-410A is unsafe.
  • Reliability: Systems with R-410A have proven to be more reliable than those with R-22. Furthermore, it is not true that the higher pressure of R-410A causes equipment to break down often. In fact, these systems are extremely heavy-duty and designed with a thicker compressor shell. This keeps smaller pieces of equipment from vibrating. It also puts less strain on piping connections, which is the top source for most vibrations, noises and leaks. Additionally, most manufacturers want technicians fully trained on R-410A systems before they can sell or service the manufacturer’s R-410A equipment.
  • Not a new technology: This type of technology for air conditioners and heat pumps is not new. Many people who are not familiar with R-410A don’t know that it has actually been around and available in the United States since 1995. Every major manufacturer of heating and cooling systems in the U.S. offers R-410A, and it’s quickly becoming a new industry standard.
  • Costs will get lower: Although the price of R-410A refrigerant seems high, so are the prices of most non-ozone depleting refrigerants. Why is this? It is more expensive to manufacture a hard-to-make product, especially one that’s made using more expensive raw materials. As this refrigerant becomes more popular and is produced on a larger scale, costs are likely to decline. This is good news for R-410A manufactures, sellers and consumers alike.

When you decide to use R-410A refrigerant in St. George, UT, you will be able to enjoy a system that will last many years. You also don’t have to worry that the refrigerant leaking from your system might harm the environment and ozone. Contact Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning today and find out more about why this type of system is a great investment—we look forward to working with you!

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