The Best Ways to Heat and Cool Your Home

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With so many different heating systems and air conditioning systems in St. George, UT to choose from, how can you determine which are the best options for you and your family? What is the best way to heat and cool your home? The main options are gas, electric and oil, but the right choice for you depends on a few factors. Read on for a breakdown of each type of system.

Gas or propane heating systems

Natural gas is a convenient, safe, reliable and affordable way to heat your home. Because natural gas is a plentiful resource and there are no signs of shortage any time soon, gas systems are the most popular choice for residential heating systems in the United States. You no longer need a chimney to use natural gas, and it’s clean, so unpleasant odors and soot are non-existent. Though not as convenient as natural gas, another option is propane, a clean and cost-effective way to heat a house. Propane is a good alternative if natural gas is not available in your area.

Electric heating and cooling systems

Electric systems are safe, clean and efficient. So, if you want a heating and cooling system for your home that’s efficient and more, consider electric heat, such as a heat pump. Instead of converting electricity into heat, these types of systems absorb warmth from the atmosphere or ground, increase it, then transfer the heat to your home. Providing up to four times more energy than it consumes, this allows the system to be way more efficient than other types of heating systems, like gas furnaces.

There’s another advantage of electric heating systems: they don’t have any in-house fuel combustion, meaning there’s no chance carbon monoxide can escape and, as a result, no threat of explosion. Additionally, because electricity is clean and efficient, there’s also no chance of combustion odors, fuel leaks, soot, rumblings or venting issues.

Other HVAC systems

An assorted selection of HVAC systems are on the market today, but which one is best for heating and/or cooling your home? For instance, radiant heating systems are designed to circulate warm water through flexible, durable tubing installations underneath flooring materials. It can be installed under any type of material, including wood, concrete, tile and carpet. This makes your floors act as large radiators.

Oil heating systems

For comfortable home-wide warmth, look into oil heating. Oil produces the hottest flame of all the home heating fuel options, which means it heats your home faster and keeps it at the temperature you want, and uses less fuel in the process. The major advantages of oil heating include safety and the fact that it’s non-explosive. And if inhaled, the fuel oil fumes are not lethal. Compared to gas systems, oil systems protect better against carbon monoxide poisoning, as they create odors and give visible signs in the event of a system malfunction.

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