How to Get Your Air Conditioning System in Ready for Winter

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We’ve previously covered in depth the importance of getting your furnace ready for the winter, and how an HVAC technician can help you with that job. But one of the things we haven’t mentioned is the necessity of prepping air conditioning systems in St. George, UT for the winter, too.

Even though you won’t be running your AC for the next few months, you should take a little bit of time to care for your air conditioner before winter sets in. Read on to learn more about getting your AC ready for the winter, and why it’s so important:

  • Turn off the power: Any time you’re about to perform maintenance on your AC, you need to turn off the power. The exterior power circuit is under a metal or plastic cover on the side of your unit. Just lift the lid and turn the switch to the “off” position before starting the steps below. Skipping this easy step could result in electrocution, and it also prevents the possibility that your unit will start running on an unseasonably warm winter day.
  • Inspect: Now that your unit is turned off, it’s time to get to work! Take a look at the exterior of your AC. Are there any noticeable cracks or holes? Is there any rust on the unit? If the answer to either of these questions is “yes,” you could have a leak on your hands the next time you run your AC. Instead of waiting until spring, we recommend calling an HVAC service now to come out and take an in-depth look at your unit. We can determine the next steps and gauge whether you need repairs or would be better of replacing your AC.
  • Clean: Bust out the broom and start sweeping around the base of your AC. You want to remove all of the twigs, leaves and other debris that collected around your unit throughout the year. Once the big stuff is gone, we recommend hosing off all of the dust, dirt and grime. Experts also recommend checking up on your AC throughout the winter and sweeping away any debris and removing snow piles surrounding your unit. Doing this now will ensure that your unit is closer to being ready to go in the spring once it warms up again!
  • Cover: Home improvement stores sell special covers that easily fit over your air conditioning unit. These covers provide necessary insulation, prevent cracking and protect your AC from harsh weather and pests. If you don’t want to buy a special cover, a waterproof tarp will do the trick. Just make sure that the tarp is weighted down and has bungee cords attached to it—you’d hate for it to blow away in strong winter winds!

If you don’t feel like getting your AC ready for winter by yourself, just pick up the phone and give Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning a call. In addition to tuning up your furnace for winter, we’ll take the time to inspect, clean and cover up your air conditioning system in St. George, UT so you don’t have to worry about it.

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