It’s Time to Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter!

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Now that temperatures have begun to drop, it’s time to get your furnace ready to combat winter weather. In addition to ensuring that you’re nice and toasty all season long, preparing your furnace for winter will help ensure that your heating bills are lower, and will also help you avoid midseason breakdowns. This post will teach you what you can do to set your furnace up for success this winter:

  • Schedule maintenance early: Yearly maintenance from a furnace service in St. George, UT is the best way to prevent breakdowns and keep your unit running at 100 percent efficiency throughout the season. The only problem is that we get really busy at this time of year! Unless you call early, we might not be able to make it out to inspect your furnace right away. Don’t wait one more minute—call today to schedule a routine inspection and prevent any problems from happening with your furnace this winter.
  • Clean your furnace: One of the biggest steps we take during an annual maintenance call is cleaning your unit. We carefully pore over all aspects of your furnace and get rid of the dust and grime that builds up throughout the year and can cause breakdowns in the middle of the winter. That said, you can also do your own cleaning to prep your unit before we arrive. Cleaning and getting rid of dust around the burners is an easy job and ensures that your unit is safe to operate before we make it out to your home to clean the rest of your furnace. Additionally, take some time to swap out your filters. It only takes a minute and keeps your furnace running efficiently.
  • Uncover all of your vents: Take a few minutes to run around your house and check to make sure that all of your vents are open and not obstructed. Closed or blocked vents don’t just prevent heat from circulating through the room—they can also cause your furnace to overheat. Needless to say, that’s not a situation that you want to deal with any time soon!
  • Make sure your thermostat works: It might sound silly, but now is a great time to ensure that your thermostat is working properly. You should hear your furnace turn on as soon as you switch your thermostat to the heat setting. If nothing happens, you’ll probably need to repair or replace your thermostat. Speaking of which, thermostat replacement might not be a bad idea if your current one is old. Newer programmable thermostats make life a lot easier and can save you a bundle on heating costs this winter.

When you need to hire a furnace service in St. George, UT, look no further than Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re a full-service company offering everything from routine maintenance to emergency repairs. Additionally, all of our services are affordable, and we make a point to arrive at your home or business in a timely manner. Give us a call today to get a quote or learn more about our services!

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