What You Can Do Before Calling for Professional Air Conditioning Repair in St. George, UT

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Air conditioner repairs can be very expensive to make. Obviously, you want to make sure your air conditioning unit is functioning properly for when the weather gets warm, but there may be some circumstances in which you can resolve whatever issue you’re having yourself before you call out a professional to make some air conditioning repairs in St. George, UT.

With this in mind, here are some examples of some quick, easy checks you can perform on your air conditioning system before you call in the pros to make some more significant inspections and repairs:

  • Check the breaker: If the unit hasn’t been coming on at all when you need it to, there’s a chance the breaker controlling it may have tripped. This is even more likely if you have other appliances, lights and other items located on the same breaker as the air conditioner. This should be the very first check you should make. Head to your circuit breaker box and just check and make sure the breaker is set to “on.” If not, this was likely your problem.
  • Check the thermostat: In some cases, the thermostat itself isn’t providing instructions to the unit to operate. If you have a battery-operated unit, you might just need to put some new batteries into the thermostat. You should also make sure you have the thermostat set for a temperature that’s below the temperature in your home; otherwise, the unit will not kick on. Check the settings as well—if the unit is turned off or just set to have the fan blow, this could be your issue.
  • Melt off ice: If the unit has sustained a buildup of ice, then it’s not going to be able to operate properly. Turn off the system and allow the fan to run, which will help melt off the ice more quickly. Otherwise, you can turn the unit off and let the ice melt on its own. Either way, de-ice the system before you worry about taking other steps to repair it.
  • Check your filters: In some cases, air conditioners won’t operate properly or effectively if the filters are clogged or dirty. You should consistently change your filters to prevent this from becoming a problem. Otherwise, a lack of air flow could make your system run significantly less efficiently, and could contribute to your system icing up, as previously discussed.
  • Clean out the system: The system might just be dirty, which could prevent it from running effectively. On the outside unit, spend some time cleaning off the fan blades and removing debris from inside or around the unit. Clean off condenser fins as well, but be careful—they are easy to break. This should go without saying, but make sure the unit is turned off before you begin cleaning it!

For more information about the steps you should take before you call out a professional to make air conditioning repairs in St. George, UT, call the team at Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning today. We look forward to helping you!

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