The Top Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning in St. George, UT

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Your home’s HVAC system is in charge of keeping your living spaces cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but dirty air ducts can make this job difficult. Take it from us: there may be enough dust and contaminates in your ductwork to gross you out. The following are the top benefits of air duct cleaning in St. George, UT.

Maintains a cleaner living environment

It goes without saying that dust is a regular thing inside your house. Dust accumulates on your bookshelves, tables, chairs, the fireplace mantle, floors… really, anything with a surface. But, did you know that dust can settle in your ductwork within a few hours of non-use? Then, the next time the heater or cooler comes on, all that dust gets stirred up. Some of that dust stays inside the ducts, while most of it blows out through the vents and into your rooms. Cleaning the dust from inside the ducts can help make your home a cleaner place to live.

Improves indoor air quality

Inside air is not always healthier than outside air. No matter how well you clean, if you don’t dust and vacuum often, dust and other air pollutants will remain on indoor surfaces. Whether or not anyone in your household suffers from allegories or respiratory issues, cleaner air will keep everyone healthier overall. But every time you breathe in dust and pollutants, your chances of experiencing sneezing and coughing fits—even sinus congestion—will increase. Clean your air ducts regularly to ensure you and your family are breathing in fresh, contaminant-free air.

Eliminates odors

Your home has its own unique smell, but is that smell a pleasant one? Over time, scents from pets, paint, cleaning products, cooking, smoking, mildew and more can settle, leaving stale odors lingering in the air. Professional duct cleaning can help remove dust as well as the odors that are trapped in those dust particles.

Reduces harmful contaminants

While dust is the most notable type of debris in air ducts, harmful contaminants and microorganisms can live there, too—including pet dander, pollen, mildew, mold spores and other pollutants. All these contaminants can impact the air you breathe. The good news is that periodic air duct cleaning helps keep the air inside your home healthier, instead of allowing the pollutants to circulate throughout the rooms.

Improves HVAC efficiency

One of the most standout benefits of ductwork cleaning is improved HVAC system efficiency. When ducts and registers are clogged with a heavy buildup of dust, dirt and grime, the system is not likely to function as efficiently as it should. This is due in most part to the air supply getting cut off somewhere inside the ductwork. A dirty system has to work harder to bring cold or warm air to you, while a clean system operates efficiently and saves you money on your monthly energy bills.

If you want to learn more about the importance of air duct cleaning in St. George, UT, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us any time with your questions and concerns!

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