Everything About Air Conditioning Maintenance in St. George, UT

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You rely on your air conditioner to keep you nice and cool throughout the summer. Although it typically does its job pretty well, your AC does need some maintenance each year to ensure you don’t run into any problems. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about air conditioning maintenance in St. George, UT.

What are the benefits of maintenance?

We wouldn’t recommend AC maintenance if it didn’t offer a number of benefits for your unit, your home and your wallet. Here are a few of the reasons to schedule annual maintenance appointments:

  • Lower energy bills: An air conditioner accounts for a significant portion of your monthly electric bill. The best way to slash that cost is to schedule maintenance. A quick spring tune-up ensures your unit is clean and efficient, which means your AC won’t have to work as hard, thus reducing your monthly bill.
  • Fewer breakdowns: A broken air conditioner isn’t just an inconvenience—it also puts a major strain on your wallet. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on repair, schedule one maintenance call to prevent any breakdowns this year. AC maintenance is a win-win: you’ll stay cool, and you won’t throw money out the window!
  • Longer lifespan: A typical AC unit can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, but that’s assuming it’s properly maintained. Annual maintenance ensures that your AC lasts for as long as possible without needing expensive repairs or replacement.
  • Peace of mind: Last but not least, scheduling AC maintenance lets you sleep well at night knowing that your unit will function properly. You’ll stay cool and worry-free all summer long!

What does maintenance entail?

Even though you won’t be the one actually performing the maintenance, we think it’s important to know what an HVAC technician will do when you call them for your annual tune-up:

  • Cleaning: As mentioned above, the first part of an AC maintenance call is cleaning. Your technician will first get rid of all the debris surrounding your unit. After that, he’ll get inside your unit to clean and lubricate all of the working parts. Eliminating all of this dirt and grime ensures a fully functional and energy efficient AC.
  • Inspection: While cleaning your AC’s parts, your HVAC technician will also be inspecting them to make sure they look like they’re in good working order. If anything is amiss, he’ll make the necessary repairs so you won’t run into an issue in the middle of the summer when you need AC the most.
  • Part replacement: Sometimes, broken parts can’t be fixed, which means they’ll need to be replaced. The bad news is that we don’t always have the parts on hand, so we need to order them. But if we can order and install the new parts now, you won’t have to suffer without AC during the dog days of summer!

Has your AC been tuned up yet this year? If not, now is the time to schedule air conditioning maintenance in St. George, UT! The temperatures are rising, and you’ll need to turn on your AC sooner rather than later. Be sure it’s ready to go by calling Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning today!

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