Key Things to Know About Furnace Maintenance in St. George, UT

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The winter preparation checklist for your home is often quite lengthy, but one of the most important things you need to do is call a professional for furnace maintenance in St. George, UT. This post will cover everything you need to know about this annual process.

What does it entail?

Many homeowners want to know exactly what we do when we come out for maintenance. Here’s a few of the things we do to ensure your unit stays functional throughout the season:

  • Cleaning: The first thing we do is clean out all of the dust and grime from the unit. All of these contaminants are often a source of breakdowns, so ensuring your unit is nice and clean will reduce the chance of any problems this winter.
  • Inspection: We’ll inspect every aspect of the unit to ensure that everything looks to be functioning as it should. We’ll also test your furnace and guarantee that it’s running smoothly.
  • Replacement: In addition to replacing your air filter, we can replace any parts that look like they might be failing. Replacing them now avoids a midseason emergency repair!

What are the benefits?

Diligent homeowners wouldn’t schedule annual maintenance if it didn’t have its benefits! Here’s why furnace maintenance is so crucial:

  • Increase energy efficiency: A clean and properly-running unit doesn’t require as much energy to heat your home, so a quick maintenance call can drastically reduce your energy bills. A visit from one of our pros pays for itself in no time.
  • Improve air quality: In addition to helping you save a boatload of money, furnace maintenance in St. George, UT helps you breathe easier! A clean unit with a fresh air filter doesn’t emit dust or other contaminants into the air throughout your home. Just be sure to change out the filter each month to keep your air as fresh as possible.
  • Prolong lifespan: A well-maintained furnace can last for up to 15 years. One that’s not kept up, on the other hand, might only last for about five years or so. Ensure you’re not replacing your unit every few years by calling a professional today.

Why call us for maintenance?

There are plenty of companies in town that can service your furnace, but here are a few reasons why our customers call us each year for maintenance:

  • Satisfaction guaranteed: We promise you’ll be happy with the results once we’re finished servicing your unit! All you have to do is read the reviews from our former customers to know that we provide top-notch service each time we arrive on the scene.
  • Fair prices: There’s no reason to pay an arm and a leg for furnace maintenance. At Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer our HVAC services for some of the most competitive rates in town.
  • Fast service: You won’t have to wait around for days on end for us to maintain your furnace! We’ll send someone out to your home as soon as possible for the maintenance call.

Don’t hesitate—call Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule furnace maintenance in St. George, UT! We’ll send one of our trusted technicians out as soon as possible to ensure your furnace is ready to combat the impending winter temperatures.

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