How to Save Money on Your Furnace or Heating System

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Your home’s or business’s heating system probably accounts for a significant portion of your monthly bills—in fact, for many American homeowners, it can average around 40 percent of your utility bill. That’s a lot of money for most of us, and we’re always looking for ways to cut costs while retaining comfort.

There are two major ways you can save money on your winter heating costs: install energy-efficient heating systems, and stay up to date on your heater’s maintenance needs. After all, the better your heater runs, the less energy it will consume while trying to keep up with the demands of a Utah winter. To find skilled and experienced heating contractors in St. George, UT, be sure to call Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning.

Energy-efficient heating systems

As climate change and severe weather incidents are widely recognized around the world, many people are opting to make their homes and businesses as environmentally friendly as possible. From simple repairs and additions like caulking gaps, using weatherstripping and reducing fireplace usage on smoky days, to investing in an energy-efficient heater, you can save money and the environment at the same time.

When you’re choosing an energy-efficient heating system, there are several key points to consider. First, what kind of space are you looking to heat, and how much of it? For example, if you own an unfinished basement, you probably won’t want to heat that space. Next, what’s your climate like? In St. George, the snowy winters may necessitate a larger heating system that will be able to keep the outdoor temperatures at bay, whereas moderate climates might only need portable space heaters. You will likely want a thermostat to keep the temperature consistent, and may want vents that can close or open so you’re not heating unused spaces.

Heater maintenance

Heater maintenance is also important in keeping your costs down. Here are a few quick tips to keep your system running smoothly—and if you need professional assistance, Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning is happy to perform maintenance tasks for you.

Clean or replace your filter quarterly to remove allergens and debris that could interfere with the blower running smoothly. (You may need to do this more often if you have pets in your home.) Listen to the motor and blower for strange noises, which could indicate a problem that requires professional attention. If your heating unit is outdoors, go outside and make sure that it’s not obstructed by foliage, outdoor furniture or other objects that could interfere with its efficiency. Finally, check your indoor vents to make sure they’re not blocked by furniture or drapery, causing your heater to work overtime.

Heating contractors in St. George, UT

Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning employs skilled heating contractors in St. George, UT. We can handle any of your heating projects, from installation to repair and maintenance. Whether you need a brand-new system or want to set up a routine maintenance schedule, we’re happy to work with you. Don’t get caught in the cold—schedule an appointment with us today.

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