Is It My Furnace or My Thermostat?

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One day your heater is working just fine, and the next, you’re wearing an extra sweater and multiple pairs of socks. Turning the heat up a few degrees does nothing, and the blower doesn’t seem to come on, even after you wait a few minutes. What now? Do you need to call for furnace repair in St. George, UT? Let’s find out.

Is it a thermostat problem?

Most of the time, unless there’s user error involved, your thermostat won’t be the cause of your furnace woes—but it’s still worth checking first. Make sure the thermostat is turned on, adjusted to your desired temperature and set to “heat.” (It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many thermostats are accidentally turned to the wrong mode.) If the thermostat itself doesn’t turn on at all, check the batteries, and try resetting the appropriate breakers.

If still nothing happens, you’re probably dealing with something that requires furnace or thermostat repair in St. George, UT, which means it’s time to call the professionals. These problems can include excessive dust, faulty wiring or miscalibration, among other issues.

What if it’s not the thermostat?

On the other hand, if your thermostat is functioning just fine but your home still isn’t being heated, that could indicate a bigger problem with your furnace. Without a professional inspection, it’s hard to determine what the problem might be, since furnaces have a lot of components within them. Here are some of the most common furnace problems and repairs:

  • Faulty ignition switch: If your ignition isn’t working properly, it could be a matter of needing to relight the pilot light—or your electronic ignition system might have to be entirely replaced.
  • Your flame sensor is dirty: A dirty flame sensor can prevent the furnace from turning on because it’s unable to recognize or detect a flame.
  • Broken fan: This can either prevent your heater from turning on in the first place, or, if the fan motor is having difficulty, it can cause the temperature to go down because the hot air isn’t being distributed appropriately.
  • Malfunctioning safety switches: Safety switches shut down the furnace when they recognize there’s a problem, so if yours are malfunctioning, it might be preventing your heater from turning on. This is a relatively simple repair.

The easiest way to avoid these problems in the first place is to make sure you schedule routine maintenance for your heating and cooling systems. Having a professional come out and look at your heater before the temperatures drop will make it far less likely you’ll experience a chilly surprise.

Furnace repair in St. George, UT

You can’t afford to go long without heat during a St. George winter, which is why the team at Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning is always on hand to help. If you find yourself in need of furnace repair in St. George, UT, we can assist you. Whether it’s a problem with your thermostat or something more serious, we have the experience, knowledge and tools to get the job done right.

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