Four Signs That It’s Time for a New Furnace

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If it’s properly maintained, a furnace can last for over 15 years before needing to be replaced. But when that day comes, you’ll want to act quickly or risk being without heat. This post will teach you a few of the signs that it’s time to buy a new furnace or schedule furnace repair in St. George, UT:

  • Frequent breakdowns: As furnaces age, their delicate parts tend to break a lot more frequently. If you find yourself constantly calling your HVAC technician to fix your furnace, it’s probably time to buy a new one.
  • Increasing repair costs: You’ll often find that the repairs for an older furnace cost a lot more than they would with a newer unit. This is often because we have to order more new parts, which can be quite costly.
  • Higher energy bills: Old furnaces tend to use up more energy to heat your home than newer ones would. These higher costs could be caused by the failing parts mentioned above or the fact that the unit is dusty and inefficient. Either way, older furnaces will cost you more each month. Though it is expensive, a new furnace can pay for itself over time with all of the money you save each month on your energy bills.
  • It’s old: Even if you haven’t noticed any of the signs above, we recommend replacing your furnace if it’s about 15 years old. It’s better to pay for a new unit now than to deal with breakdowns or sky-high energy bills.

Benefits of buying a new furnace

We know buying a new furnace is a big investment, but trust us—it’s worth it! Here are a few of the many reasons to purchase a new unit:

  • No more breakdowns: The best reason to buy a new furnace is that you won’t have to call us to fix it! As long as you schedule maintenance each fall, you can more easily avoid furnace repair in St. George, UT after purchasing a new unit. And, even if you do need some repairs on occasion, they should be small and relatively inexpensive.
  • Peace of mind: Between the risk of a carbon monoxide leak and a fire breaking out, old furnaces can be quite dangerous. That’s not an issue if you buy a new one—with a new furnace, you can rest easy at night knowing that it won’t be a health hazard for you or your family.
  • Lower operating costs: As mentioned above, old furnaces use more energy than new ones. In fact, you might be paying double on your monthly energy bills with an old furnace than you would with a new one. Talk to our professionals today about how switching to a new model can save you a bundle each winter.

Now is the worst time of year to deal with furnace breakdowns, so if you’re tired of calling for furnace repairs in St. George, UT, then it’s time to buy a new one! From installation to maintenance and repairs, Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning offers a variety of furnace services to meet all of your needs. Get in touch to learn more!

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