We Offer Commercial Walk-in Freezer Repairs!

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A commercial walk-in freezer is likely to have thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory stored in it at any given time. This means freezer failure will cause not only expensive repairs, but also some significant potential losses in terms of your inventory.

Therefore, it’s important for businesses that have walk-in freezers to have a good working relationship with contractors who can regularly inspect and maintain them and make the more significant repairs when necessary. Ongoing maintenance and small commercial walk-in freezer repairs in St. George, UT will help you prevent much larger issues from developing and creating larger expenses for you as a business owner.

Here are just a few examples of some of the walk-in freezer issues Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning is able to resolve for you:

  • Insufficient power: There are several potential causes of power outages involving the freezer. You should always check to see if there’s a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse before calling in a professional, as this is an issue you can easily resolve yourself. However, there could also be a wiring issue or problem with the control board, which will require professional attention. Let us know what you’ve discovered and how we can help, and we’ll get out there to diagnose and resolve the issue.
  • Constant motor operation: The motor of a walk-in freezer should not be running constantly—this will result in its components wearing down quite quickly, as well as very inefficient operation that will cost you more money on your monthly energy bills than you probably want to be paying. If you’ve been having problems with the motor constantly running, the issue is likely either a refrigerant leak or an air leak that is allowing the cold air to get out of the freezer. There could be a damaged seal or gasket.
  • Ice buildup in the freezer: If you see ice building up on the evaporator coils, air vent or even on the walls inside the freezer, there are several issues that could potentially be causing this. You shouldn’t allow ice buildup to go unresolved—it could affect the quality of the inventory you’re storing inside the freezer. Contact a professional who can come out and identify the problem and the best corresponding course of action.
  • Temperature is too high: If the walk-in freezer has frost buildup on the evaporator or is overloaded with products, then there’s a chance it could begin to get too warm, or at least having problems maintaining the level of coolness you require. Frequent door opening could also be a problem, as this will constantly let out the cold air. If the problem isn’t door opening or overloading, though, and the freezer simply isn’t getting cold enough, a professional can analyze the system to determine the problem.
  • Drain pan ice collection: Clogs in the drain line or problems with a heater can result in ice building up in the drain pan, which is a problem that requires immediate professional attention.

For more information about commercial walk-in freezer repairs in St. George, UT, contact the team at Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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