How to Prepare Your AC System for Summer

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When the temperature rises, we depend on air conditioning to keep us not only comfortable, but also to keep us safe from the dangers of overheating in our own homes. Now is the time to prepare for keeping cool in the summer. With the hottest months just around the corner, it’s time to do some HVAC maintenance in St. George, UT.

HVAC maintenance tips

There are several things you can do to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. Perhaps the simplest and most cost-effective step is checking the filter on a regular basis. Air conditioners should have their filters replaced every two to three months, but it may be necessary to change it even more often than that, depending on whether you have pets and whether anyone in your household has allergies or asthma. With this in mind, it’s good to check at least once a month to make sure the filter is not dirty and thereby restricting airflow through the unit.

Another good idea is to make sure the area around your outdoor air conditioner unit is clear. This means keeping debris and vegetation at least a few feet from the unit itself to allow for maximum airflow.

You’ll want to check the registers in your home to make sure nothing is blocking them. This includes lifting the grates to make sure nothing has fallen in, and to make sure nothing is blocking them. It’s not uncommon for small pieces of debris or even children’s toys to find their way down the vent and cause problems.

The coolant lines that connect to your home should be insulated. These are located on the back of the unit. They should not be cracked, frayed or peeling, and you should certainly not see any missing insulation. If these lines don’t look right, it’s best to call a professional to come take a look and possibly replace the lines to make sure you’re not losing any coolant.

The most basic item of HVAC maintenance you can perform is to turn the unit on—before you really need to, that is. Fire up the air conditioner early in the season to make sure it’s running smoothly, so you won’t have any major unexpected issues when you’re starting to sweat on the couch when summer rolls around. To do this, simply turn the AC on at your thermostat, and check the unit to make sure cold air is blowing into your home. You can then turn it back off and know that, when the summer comes, you’ll be ready to combat the heat.

If you’ve completed all these tasks, you should be ready to stay cool in the summer. Still, it is a good idea to schedule a tune-up with a professional at least once a year. This will help address any issues before they become major problems. Doing this during off-peak times (such as before summer arrives) will make sure you get a timely appointment. Just like keeping up with routine car maintenance, these regular tune-ups will extend the life of your air conditioner. It is better than waiting for something to break at the most inopportune time, like during the middle of a heat wave.

If you need help with your HVAC maintenance in St. George, UT, call Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment.

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