The Advantages of Custom HVAC Installation During New Construction

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Constructing a home or commercial building from the ground up presents a lot of opportunities. You can have a completely custom living or working space that’s literally built just for you! However, there are a few downsides to all of the benefits of new construction, and one of them is all the planning that’s required for the job.

You and your builder must work hand in hand to plan out every detail of the project. Neglecting any small step could lead to a variety of problems with the home or building. One thing you certainly can’t overlook is the HVAC system. Keep reading to learn the advantages of working with an HVAC contractor in St. George, UT to install a custom heating and air conditioning system in your new build:

  • High-tech equipment: The first advantage of installing a custom system with a new build is the opportunity to install the latest in HVAC technology. It’s a perfect chance to install programmable smart thermostats or upgrade to energy-efficient units that will save you big bucks in the long run.
  • Right size for your home: One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when retrofitting an old house or building a new one is buying the wrong size HVAC unit. A heater or air conditioner that’s too small won’t keep your home comfortable. On the other hand, ones that are too big are a waste of money. Your HVAC contractor will work with you to find the perfect units for your new home.
  • Balanced delivery: HVAC systems are more than just the heaters and ACs—they also involve intricate ductwork. During a new build, your contractor will create custom ductwork that delivers the perfect amount of air to each room in your home or building.
  • Clean and healthy environment: HVAC products like whole-home dehumidifiers and advanced air filters that trap microscopic allergens are becoming more common in new builds. Talk to your HVAC contractor in St. George, UT about upgrading your system with these advanced features to ensure you live in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Long-term financial benefits: We touched on this above, but installing a custom HVAC system allows you to upgrade to energy-saving and wallet-friendly units. Although energy-efficient systems are a bit more expensive to install upfront, you’ll make up for the initial cost on your energy savings in just a few years.
  • Total comfort: Finally, a custom HVAC system helps ensure you’re nice and comfortable all year long. If it’s sweltering in the summer and frigid in the winter, you can rest easy knowing you’ll be comfortable as can be if you have a custom HVAC system in place.

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