Reverse Ceiling Fans to Reduce Winter Heating Bills

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Most people are looking for ways to reduce their utility expenses. Many know the benefits of using ceiling fans in the summer to cool rooms and reduce air conditioning costs. But did you know that ceiling fans can also help during the winter?

You could save on your energy bill every month by installing a ceiling fan and having it run in reverse. This easy tip will allow you to turn the thermostat down a few degrees and save on those expensive winter heating bills. Read on to find out more about how to reverse ceiling fans to reduce your winter heating bills in St. George, UT.

How it works

During the summer months, ceiling fans should only be run when you’re in the room. That’s because they help you feel cooler while in the room, but don’t actually help with lowering the room’s temperature. They do allow you to leave the thermostat on a higher temperature, as you’ll still be comfortable with the help of the ceiling fan.

For the winter months, flip that switch on the ceiling fan’s side to reverse the blade rotation. Run the fan on a lower speed to create an upward breeze. This pushes the naturally rising warm air back down into the room where you need it. This way you can turn down the furnace a few notches to save energy.

What to look for in a ceiling fan

Not all ceiling fans are made alike. Some are more efficient at keeping rooms warm or cold. For example, some new ceiling fans even have a built-in electric heater with a handheld remote and thermostat controls. During the summer, it operates as normal, but switches to reverse the air flow when in heating mode for the winter. This can help you use zone heating: only warming the room you’re using rather than the whole house.

You may want to look for fans with an Energy Star rating as well. These fans have a more significant pitch, or twist, on the blades, which means the fan operates on a lower rotational speed. This allows for the fan to run more quickly and reduces the chance of wobble.

We hope these tips on how to reverse ceiling fans to reduce your winter heating bills in St. George, UT are helpful. Here at Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve become experts on home heating and cooling over our 20-plus years in business. We offer installation and repair services for furnaces of all kinds, heat pumps, refrigeration, air conditioning units, thermostats and more! We also perform installations for newly-constructed homes and commercial businesses alike.

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