Round vs. Rectangular Ducts

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More differences exist between round and rectangular air ducts than you might think. Choosing one type over the other can make or break the effectiveness of your home’s HVAC system, so it’s important to know the facts before undergoing such a big project. Here’s a quick rundown of round versus rectangular ducts and when to recruit the expertise of a St. George, UT contractor.

Air pressure

Round air ducts are best suited for high-pressure HVAC systems. Their design creates less friction, allowing air to flow easier throughout the building. Rectangular ducts aren’t as efficient with their airflow, which means they can create more harm than good in a high-pressure system. On the other hand, systems with round ducts can optimize airflow for reduced energy costs along with extended furnace and AC unit lifespans.

But if your building operates with low air pressure, rectangular ducts are the better choice. The joints on round air ducts are difficult to connect and force HVAC contractors to seal them more heavily. Poorly sealed joints allow supply air to escape, which spells bad news especially for low-pressure systems. Rectangular ducts naturally create a better seal for increased efficiency in systems that need it the most.

Building dimensions

Much of the ongoing debate between round versus rectangular ducts centers on the space available in a building’s walls. A lot more wiggle room is required for round air ducts because they’re taller than rectangular ones. Round ducts will need even more room if you wrap them with insulation. Those looking to tackle major home improvements have to remember that air ducts share wall space with other elements like electrical and plumbing systems.

For buildings that are tight on space, rectangular air ducts are the better option. A rectangular duct’s width and height are two different measurements, allowing HVAC contractors to adjust the duct until it fits into the wall. This is a clear advantage over round ducts, which have a consistent diameter. Your local contractor in St. George, UT can offer advice on which type of air duct is best for your home or business.

Installation cost

When it comes down to round versus rectangular ducts, many prefer round ones because they’re a lot faster and easier to install. As a result, the installation cost is much cheaper compared to rectangular ducts. The only problem with installing round ducts is that they don’t fit as easily onto fan coils, which help deliver cool or warm air to the rest of the building.

Rectangular air ducts are generally more expensive, but well worth the cost. Their joints create a tight seal and effortlessly connect the fan coil to the HVAC system’s main duct. Whether the air ducts are round or rectangular, hiring the right HVAC contractor in St. George, UT ensures the installation is sturdy enough to hold up for decades.

In many cases, it’s not a matter of whether to install round or rectangular air ducts. The real decision is who to hire for the job. Consult the HVAC contractors at Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning for professional assistance with planning your next air duct installation. We’ll even repair ducts that were poorly installed or have broken down over time.

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