The Benefits of Installing Ultraviolet Lights in HVAC Systems

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Homeowners have long had the option to install ultraviolet (UV) lights in their HVAC systems. These lights treat and disinfect air in sealed air ducts before the air is distributed throughout the home. When installed properly, UV light is quite effective at quickly disinfecting air.

With concerns about viral spread on the rise, you may be considering installing ultraviolet lights in your HVAC system in St. George, UT. The thought of mold and bacteria collecting and growing in an HVAC system is a concern for anyone who wants to breathe clean air in their home. Beyond concerns about COVID-19, many people suffer from allergies and asthma that can be exacerbated if they’re breathing dirty air. Read on to find out about the effects a UV light can have on your HVAC system.

How do UV lights kill viruses and bacteria?

The fact is that UV lights are used for germicidal purposes in a wide variety of places, from restaurants and grocery stores to hospitals. Studies have demonstrated that these lights are very effective at killing 97 percent of bacteria, including strains of viruses resistant to antibiotics. Germicidal UV light also significantly reduces airborne fungi that are liable to multiply in HVAC systems.

Does UV light kill COVID-19?

It’s important to remember that you should always follow public health guidelines as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to keep yourself protected. UV light has not been tested against COVID-19, although it has been shown to kill related coronaviruses. UV light is used commercially to disinfect large spaces like stores, subway cars and hospital rooms.

Other methods

If you’re concerned about the quality of the air in your home, a HEPA air filtration system is a good choice. While it hasn’t been proven to filter out COVID-19 particles, there is evidence that these air purifiers are effective at catching similar particles.

Keeping air circulating via the use of ceiling fans and keeping windows and doors open are other ways to reduce the likelihood of viral spread. Maintaining the relative humidity at between 40 and 60 percent is another helpful step.

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