Should You Upgrade Your Thermostat?

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Is it time to upgrade your thermostat in St. George, UT? If your thermostat’s only functions are OFF, ON and AUTO, and the screen displays the temperature and nothing else, you may want to consider an upgrade. Why? If you upgrade your thermostat, you could start reaping the following benefits.

Convenient control

A smart or wi-fi thermostat can allow you to control your heating and air conditioning system from anywhere. If you’d like to adjust the temperature while you’re away from home, so it’s nice and cool when you return, you can do this remotely. If you’d like to adjust the temperature during the night, you can reach for your phone instead of getting out of your comfortable bed. The scenarios are nearly endless. When you upgrade your thermostat in St. George, UT, it makes controlling your HVAC system far more convenient.

Programmable settings

If you’re away from home for several hours each day, why waste money on cooling or heating your property? A programmable thermostat allows you to set a schedule for heating and cooling your home that makes sense with your lifestyle. You won’t have to remember to change the settings each night and each morning. Simply input your settings once, and then forget about it. You can go on with your day while your thermostat makes appropriate adjustments throughout the day and week.


When you upgrade your thermostat in St. George, UT, you not only have remote access and programming capabilities, but you also gain access to zoning. This allows you to set temperatures for different areas of your home. If you’d like to keep it cooler in the bedroom than in the living room, you can do so. This is a great feature to help you conserve energy, save money and make your surroundings more comfortable.

Better budgeting

When you’re able to program your thermostat and operate it from anywhere, you can reduce your utility bills. These features will help prevent unnecessary cooling or heating of your home. This can cut down on utility costs, so you save money and can budget more easily.

Easy troubleshooting

If you ever experience a problem with your HVAC system, a modern thermostat can help diagnose the issue. It’s easier to locate a problem with a smart device or other modern features. You or an HVAC technician can determine what the problem is and how to make the necessary repairs. In this way, an upgrade to your thermostat can save time and money on repairs.

Get your upgrade today

When you’re ready to upgrade your thermostat in St. George, UT, contact the pros at Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ve been the area’s premier choice in air conditioning repair and installation since 1998. We offer installation and repair services for thermostats, furnaces, heat pumps, refrigeration, air conditioning units and more. We offer 15 percent off all parts. Contact our team to start reaping the benefits of a thermostat upgrade. Our experts can help you determine which model is best for your needs. Reach us today at 435-652-6338.

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