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Round vs. Rectangular Ducts

February 24, 2021 6:08 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

More differences exist between round and rectangular air ducts than you might think. Choosing one type over the other can make or break the effectiveness of your home’s HVAC system, so it’s important to know the facts before undergoing such a big project. Here’s a quick rundown of round versus rectangular ducts and when to recruit the expertise of a St. George, UT contractor. Air pressure Round air ducts are best suited for high-pressure HVAC systems. Their design creates less friction, allowing air to flow easier throughout the building. Rectangular ducts aren’t as efficient with their airflow, which means they... View Article

Flexible vs. Metal Ductwork: Which Should You Choose?

February 10, 2021 6:08 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The saying “out of sight, out of mind” couldn’t be truer when it comes to a building’s ductwork system. It’s easy to forget about air ducts when they’re hidden behind walls and in the basement. However, homeowners and business owners in St. George, UT must familiarize themselves with the difference between flexible and metal ductwork so they know which is best for their property. Installation A key difference between flexible and metal ductwork is that flex duct is notoriously easier to install. It’s lightweight and can bend however is necessary in order to adapt to the heating or cooling system.... View Article

Frequently Asked Questions About Ductwork Cleaning

February 13, 2020 5:48 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Ductwork cleaning is one of the best ways to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and the air quality in your home. For whatever reason, though, it’s not a type of HVAC maintenance people frequently employ, at least not as often as furnace tune-ups. This is likely because people don’t understand what it involves and why it’s so beneficial. With this in mind, here’s a quick set of questions we frequently receive about ductwork cleaning in St. George, UT, and some answers to give you more insight into the benefits. How often do residential HVAC systems and ductwork need... View Article

The Top Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning in St. George, UT

July 29, 2019 10:19 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Your home’s HVAC system is in charge of keeping your living spaces cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but dirty air ducts can make this job difficult. Take it from us: there may be enough dust and contaminates in your ductwork to gross you out. The following are the top benefits of air duct cleaning in St. George, UT. Maintains a cleaner living environment It goes without saying that dust is a regular thing inside your house. Dust accumulates on your bookshelves, tables, chairs, the fireplace mantle, floors… really, anything with a surface. But, did you know... View Article

Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

September 12, 2018 6:23 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Maintaining your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system may seem simple—if you regularly schedule maintenance appointments and have your filter replaced periodically, you may think that you’re in the clear. It’s also important, however, to have your ventilation ducts cleaned on a regular basis. Investing in air duct cleaning in St. George, UT can help you promote your own personal health, and help you keep your home’s HVAC system in tip-top shape. Here are just some of the benefits associated with investing in air duct cleaning in St. George, UT: Improved health outcomes: Over time, air ducts accumulate... View Article