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Reverse Ceiling Fans to Reduce Winter Heating Bills

January 14, 2021 2:25 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Most people are looking for ways to reduce their utility expenses. Many know the benefits of using ceiling fans in the summer to cool rooms and reduce air conditioning costs. But did you know that ceiling fans can also help during the winter? You could save on your energy bill every month by installing a ceiling fan and having it run in reverse. This easy tip will allow you to turn the thermostat down a few degrees and save on those expensive winter heating bills. Read on to find out more about how to reverse ceiling fans to reduce your... View Article

How to Save Money on Your Furnace or Heating System

January 2, 2020 10:22 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Your home’s or business’s heating system probably accounts for a significant portion of your monthly bills—in fact, for many American homeowners, it can average around 40 percent of your utility bill. That’s a lot of money for most of us, and we’re always looking for ways to cut costs while retaining comfort. There are two major ways you can save money on your winter heating costs: install energy-efficient heating systems, and stay up to date on your heater’s maintenance needs. After all, the better your heater runs, the less energy it will consume while trying to keep up with the... View Article