Air Conditioning Services in St. George, UT

Your comfort – and the comfort of others – is critical throughout Southern Utah. When your AC goes out in the middle of summer, it can be uncomfortable, to say the least. Whether the AC problems are in your home or business, it’s critical that you have a reliable HVAC contractor to turn to.

At Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning, we have comprehensive services to help you with new AC units, repairs to existing units, as well as annual maintenance.



Air Conditioning Installations

Whether you are ready to invest in an HVAC system for your home or business or you need to replace an existing system, it’s important to understand your opportunities for installation.
Our professionals at Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning will work with you every step of the way to talk to you about the various units. We’ll help you determine the right size for your space as well as the tech to offer you more control and convenience.

Once you choose a unit, we have the skills and experience you can count on for an efficient installation. We guarantee the highest installation standards so that your unit works flawlessly – and for many years to come.

We take the time to go over the unit with you so that you know how it all works. Then, we’ll talk to you about maintenance requirements so that you can maximize efficiency throughout the year.
Our installations focus on your needs. We work with your budget and your preferences to ensure you get a system that works for you.

Air Conditioning Repairs

Repairs are an unfortunate necessity in many instances. Your air conditioning system should function properly at all times in southern Utah. When you notice issues with it not cooling, not blowing sufficient air, or another issue, you can call our HVAC technicians.

At Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning, we have experience with a wide array of HVAC brands and models. We also have state-of-the-art equipment that can help us diagnose a problem quickly. We can take care of everything from refrigerant leaks to frozen condenser coils – and everything in between.

We keep a large inventory of parts on hand, allowing us to make many of the common repairs immediately. We understand that summers can get hot – and we’ll work quickly and effectively to get your system up and running.

There’s never any way to know when your AC is going to go out. However, you don’t want to let a repair issue go for too long. One small issue can put unnecessary strain on your system. Before you know it, the small issue has turned into a bigger issue. We offer emergency services and competitive pricing so that you don’t have to ignore repairs.
Our comprehensive repair services focus on finding a solution that takes care of the problem – and fits within your budget. When you get repairs, it can help you with energy efficiency and getting the cool, comfortable temperature that you demand.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

AC maintenance helps you to get the longest life possible out of your unit. Some maintenance is easy enough that you can do it yourself:

  • Set the thermostat
  • Empty the drain pan
  • Replace air filters

Other maintenance should be performed by a licensed, experienced HVAC technician. Such things include:

  • Testing voltage
  • Checking system controls
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting the condensation lines
  • Tightening electrical components
  • Lubricating moving parts

Peak performance is only achieved when your system is regularly maintained and inspected. We recommend scheduling maintenance twice a year – right before the hot summer months and right before the cold winter months. It will allow us to get your system running efficiently and address any issues that we might find during our inspection.

Especially if you can’t remember the last time an AC tech was out to inspect your system at your home or business, it’s time to call. With our comprehensive tune-ups at Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning, we might be able to add life to your system and even save you some money on your energy bills.

Knowing who to call when you require an air conditioning service in southern Utah is critical. At Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re always here to answer questions, schedule services, and talk to you about units. Call us today to get the help you need.

If you need HVAC repair in St. George, UT for an AC unit that’s not functioning as you need it to, don’t wonder who to call for excellent service. Instead, pick up the phone and dial the number you know you can trust: call Calaway Heating & Air Conditioning at 435-652-6338 today!